Arduino Vision Shield Ethernet


I finally bought the Arduino Portenta H7 and the Arduino vision shield. I have just tried to connect both of them and connect it with my computer. I wanted to connect it with the programm openmv ide, but the system just keeps on running time out. i don’t know why this happen. Can someone help me? Once i connect the board with my computer, the RGB blinks blue,tosca,green colour and repeat itself

Thank you very much for your answer.

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William Jiovandy

I have just updated the bootloader and it can now connect with the openmv ide. But as i click the play button, it tells me Runtime Error: Failed to detect image sensor or image sensor is detached. I tried connecting both the Arduino Portenta H7 and the Arduino vision shiled together, but it still tells me that its not connected

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William Jiovandy

Make sure to update the firmware first before anything and if it still doesn’t work try running any Arduino camera example (from the Arduino IDE) just to make sure the hardware is not the issue.


Thanks for your answer. I finally work it out.

can i actually measure the LAB value if i use grayscale on openmv? because i receive 0 on A and B

Not sure I understand the question, please post a new topic about it and include more details.


I tried using sensor.set_pixformat(sensor.RGB565) on the settings for the senor, but when i run the programm it tells me that RuntimeError: Sensor control failed. I don’t know why this happens and by using grayscal can i have the value of LAB? because i only receive the value on A and B as 0.

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The sensor is grayscale only.

Is there any possible way to use the RGB565? Because i need the value of A and B to determine the color of blob

No, because the sensor is grayscale only.