Portenta H7 + Portenta Vision Shield - Ethernet. RuntimeError: Sensor control failed. No HW issue!

I run the code from this example https://docs.arduino.cc/tutorials/portenta-vision-shield/blob-detection/

I get the error shown in the image “Sensor Control Failed”

In other threads they mention the possibility of faulty hardware.
I have ruled this out because I am able to get output using Arduino IDE + Processing

What exactly causes this error to happen?

Looks like the sensor was detected. Given that it should be fine then.

Can you check and make sure the sensor module is not shorting to the board? I.e. is there a foam backing behind it?

I don’t believe there is a short, as I said I can get output using arduino+processing.

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I’m getting the same error on a known working board. It must be a software regression. Fixing it now.

Weird installing the latest development release works.

Please do:

Tools->Install Latest Development Release.

You should get 60 FPS with the hello world script.

v.4.5.4 works, too, now. Installed the latest regular release and everything is fine.

I tested mine too with the latest release (4.5.4) and it seems to be working fine. Note that there hasn’t been any changes to the firmware since the stable release, so there’s no need to test the dev-firmware as it’s just the same as the stable one.

Update: I pressed on the connector and that made it stop working, with the same error on reset(). I then disconnected the sensor and reconnected it, then it started working again.

I updated to latest development release, it worked and then started crashing again.
I downgraded to latest regular release and now it works fine!

Thank you for your help! @iabdalkader @kwagyeman

I also noticed that it sometimes fails to detect the sensor. I think this can be fixed by increasing the delay after toggling the reset/pwdn pin. This particular sensor board connects the reset signals to an LDO, so it may need more time to settle. I have a PR here to do just that, we’ll test this more and discuss to see if we merge this or not. In the meantime if you have more issues with this board let us know.

firmware.zip (1.1 MB)

Here’s a firmware with that change. Test and see if it works. @tsiol555 @kuma