Portenta external SD


I connected a external SD module to the headers on the Portenta breakout because i want to be able to switch the Sd card between the Portenta and another device. Only one device will be powered at a time to avoid collisions. However the OpenMV firmware does not seem to recognise the SD card because it keeps mounting the internal flash. When i upload a Arduino SDcard example the card is recognised and read without issues.

Note that currently only the portenta is connected to the SD and it does work when i plug the SD directly into the breakout.

Hi, are you using the vision shield? We only support the SD card on the vision shield pins.

No, i’m using the breakout board, but as stated above the SD works fine when inserted into the slot on the breakout and according to the schematics the breakout and vision shield use the same SDC2 pins since SDC1 is used by the onboard WIFI and BLE.

I will dive into the OpenMV firmware tomorrow to see what the difference is between the firmware and the arduino example