SD card problem

When i put SD card in my Portenta i getting strange image. Without SD card it’s ok. I tried use different SD cards and i still have same problem.

Hi, we’re about to release a new Arduino Portenta firmware and IDE. Please wait until this release comes out. It may fix your issue.

Strange how ? Can you attach some screenshots ? Also which firmware are you using ?

There are screenshots with and without SD card. Firmware is latest 3.6.8. I’m using 32GB SD card from Kingston.

Hi, the latest firmware is actually 3.6.9 you should try that first.

A firmware update solved my problem. Thanks

Talking about the SD card. I put mine in but I think it is unformatted, so I have 2 questions:


  1. How to I get it out, it feels locked or at least really tight. Is it just pull hard. I don’t think it is push then pull like some other sd cards. Looks like it might have a little lock. Any ideas.

  2. Can I format it while it is in the Portenta Vision Shield slot?
  1. You just pull it out.

  2. Yes, using your desktop OS.

Hi, I also found a similar problem as shown in matt992’s pictures.
Would it be possible if you could update the OpenMV IDE to 3.6.9?

After I installed the latest version, 3.9.0, the problem is solved!!!