sdcard problem

openmv3 sdcard (2gb fat32) work with version 2.2.0 windows 7 64 (when connect to comp, new disk e.t.c) but not work with 2.7.0
ide 1.8.1 also not work with insert sdcard

b.r. Dmitriy

Yeah, I think I’ve seen issues with this. When we updated to MicroPython v1.9.2 I noticed one of my SD cards stopped working.

Mmm, can you try another card in the mean-time? Also, please post a bug report about this on the GitHub. Ibrahim is porting our code to the STM32H7 right now. But, we can tackle this after that.

I teseted any sdcard 1,2, 4gb.
part of sdcards not work in 2.7.0

Can you create an issue tracker here: Issues · openmv/openmv · GitHub