Smoked it

I mistakenly connected 12V instead of 5V to one of my cameras and smoked what I think is a voltage regulator. Can you tell me what the part number is? I’d like to try to repair it. It is the circled part in the picture. I have the skills to do board level repairs. I’m hoping to save it.
blown part.JPG


Thanks. They are only 88 cents.

I bought the part and soldered it in. The camera powers up but won’t communicate to the USB port, so I guess it’s cooked.

Try DFU mode?

You might have given the 5V USB input 12V however which would damage the main CPU.

I probably did it by applying 12V through the pan/tilt shield connection block. In any event, when I connect to USB port, the green light flashes rapidly for a couple of seconds, then turns white and turns off. It does not renumerate. The computer does not see it.