Brick and smoke M7

Hi there.

I’m new to this kind of electronics and wanted to test a few things. So I have for interest a battery connected to the Cam M7. There was still a SD card in it and when I connected battery came smoke. So I turned it off. Now nothing seems to work. I have normally connected the cam to the computer but this is no longer recognized. Not from the computer and not from the IDE either. LEDs do not light up when connecting. If I the SD card reinstecke comes again smoke. If I connect the SD card the other way is not a smoke. The SD card no longer works on the computer. Is there still hope?


Where did you connect the battery (which pins) and how much voltage was the battery?

Thanks for answer. 9V battery on GND and 3.3V.

The camera is rated for 5V max. I wouldn’t connect it again to PC or use that SD again.

EDIT: Also 3.3v is output Not input.

I found it a bit odd because when I use 9V at Arduino usually nothing happens. That’s why the test. I am surprised that the SD card is always smoke.

EDIT: I tested it with another SD Card no smoke there.

Each board has different ratings, maybe Arduino can handle 9V, but OpenMV is rated for 5V maximum (as written on the board). Also the 3.3V pin is output, but it’s labeled 3.3v anyway, it doesn’t make sense to try 9v on a pin that says 3.3v.

Note don’t use that SD card again it could damage your PC.

Okay thank you for this advice. So can I forget the cam?

Yes, 9v on the 3.3v pin would destroy all the on board electronics. If you want to use a battery apply the voltage on the VIN pin. But, make sure the max VIN voltage is no more than about 5v.

Alright thank you all for your help.