Power the M7 from a 3.3 reg


I have a rover that I am now powering the M7 from a 3.3v reg that goes into Vin, Gnd goes to gnd of the camera and the Teensy MCU that I am using to control the rover. The regulator is getting its power from the 7.4v lipo batter which also powers the rover electronics and the motors. Its working but the M7 processor is getting hot as hell and I am not sure why. Connections to the Teensy are through the uart (serial commications).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


As noted on the back of the board the OpenMV Cam M7 regulator is rated for 5V max.

You can however, push 3.3V into the OpenMV Cam M7 if you are not powering it via VIN. However, you must not connect USB/VIN power to it in this case.

Think I shorted something out, because the chip is getting really hot and wanted to know if that was normal.

EDIT: Took it out of the system and tried it just on usb, thing heated up right away. Just ordered a replacement from your site.