OpenMV H7 plus doesn't boot up into main when running off 3.3v power plug

Trying to get the cam started on it’s own power. NG. Just blinks quick white. If I plug in the USB to the PC not even connect to the IDE, will come up and run. Clues?
BTW, tried those EVO drives. They are a little more roomy. We went from 5K disk space to 108k! Still won’t even fit my object detection filter though.



Check the current limit on your 3.3V. The camera can draw 200mA on boot.

No good. Tried and tried to reset and get the bootload to clear it out again.
access denied
The bootload would complete, the connection always fails with this.
Doesn’t matter SD card or not. This is the H7 R4 not the plus.
Doesn’t matter much anyway, this camera never helped us with the bot and doesn’t look like it can. Too many problems.

If you are getting an access denied error then it means something else is using the serial port…