H7 board. Blank ,lit LCD . Also, now Won't boot anymore

Main issue at first was the
LCD screen doesn’t receive video even with the LCD script . The Lepton or the Camera .
It lights up though . Not sure if I heard the camera reset though .

It does show video in the IDE.

After that…
I recently deleted the disk file and it now shows 0kb data.
It boots if I reset the board every, single, time through the IDE. It must be flashed again after every USB cable disconnect.

Is that the bootloader?..the Disk file ?
Tried looking online a bit for the Disk file but didn’t find it.

Hi, I’m not really sure what’s going on. Kinda hard to understand you.

The .openmv_disk file is a 0-byte file. It’s just there for the IDE to figure out which disk is an OpenMV Cam.

Issue 1:
I keep needing to reset the H7 board every time I disconnect the USB .

Issue 2:
The 1.73" LCD screen is not receiving data from the board, just power.

What I use the device for: Automotive( diagnostics) and Construction(looking for poor insulation) as well as Electrical.(looking for what’s working or has an overload)

  1. There can be many reasons for this. Does it have external power? If it does is that enough to power the camera? The system should start running main.py on power on from your external power if it’s good enough.

  2. Did you buy the camera/LCD from us? The drivers for the screen are robust. So, the issue is either bad hardware or a bad solder connection.

It turned out to be a connection issue .

The USB cables I have seem to be a bit too small for the connector . It has a bit of slack in it .
When I wiggle it a bit it will flash green ,single white flash, and connects.
The wiggle must be redone after every disconnect.
As if it needs grounded and then unground .

Can I crimp the connector? Maybe it will help get contact? Maybe I need to clean the board between the rest and boot pins .

Uh… I guess try different cables. The connector on the camera should be solid.

Will do.

Another question … if the battery is connected and plugged in . Does the device charge this way ?
Sorry to possibly sound dumb asking that. I assume it does and I just haven’t left it plugged in long enough.

EDIT: Also having trouble removing the battery from the H7’s connector so I can charge it .
Edit2: got the battery disconnected and wow it really takes some pull to remove it.

This isn’t a feature of the H7. It doesn’t have battery charging. The RT1060 will have this feature.