Power OpenMV Cam H7+ with Vin pin

Hi, got a power issue, if I power the cam from USB it runs fine but, if I use the Vin pin with 5V (from a power supply) it just flashes the white LED. Am I missing something? Thanks.


EDIT: It works fine also with a USB power supply, not from the PC.

No, it should work with VIN at 5V. So… something else must be going wrong.

I cut a microUSB cable and connected it directly to the same power supply and it works. It seems like the 5V input from the USB is not connected to the Vin pin.

At this point that I can’t use the Vin pin, does the data lines in the USB corrispond to the UART 3 on pin 4 and 5? In this case, I’ll use a USB cable for powering and data.

The OpenMV Cam has a USB UART and pins 3 and 4 are another UART.