Power Vcc with 3.3v directly


Is it possible to power the OpenMV by supplying regulated 3.3v directly to Vcc ?
Would the BD33IA regulator be ok with 3.3 volts supplied back up its output VO pin ?

The reason I ask is that I have a device ( a robot ) powered by 8.4v from 2 Li-ion cells. The robot is controlled by a 3.3v Arduino and I already have a 3.3 regulator supplying this and all the other sensors. The Open MV is the only one that can’t be powered from 3.3v. It requires 3.6 - 5v.

So would it be very bad for me to tap into Vcc somewhere and feed it 3.3 directly?


Yes, that is fine. Just don’t power VIN or the USB at the same time… That said, I’ve done just that and my board hasn’t failed. But, we don’t replace cameras if you break them. So be careful.