Maybe the openmv-base-32-bit.pdf has a error for V3.3

ME6211C33M5G has a vin pin(VCC) which is 5v, and a vout pine(VDDA) which is3.3v.

and IO heads of left has a pin8 which is note as VCC. but the string on back is 3.3.

is it right?

Yeah, it basically does nothing on that board. The idea was to change it to 3.0V but we just didn’t want to introduce any issues when we were making the board so we just let it go at 3.3V which makes it do not much.

The OpenMV Cam RT1060 has much better VDDA for the camera module.

give me a new link for sch.pdf of no error

roger that ,thanks

I read this as “May I please have…”

Excuse me for my chinese-english :sob:

Just trying to help, “Give me” is like a demand. I do the same thing when I speak french. I accidentally say " I will take…" when I order things instead of “I would like to have” I’m working on it though

i alwasys translate your sentence by “”.
thank you.