setting the defult directory for saving april tags

My windows machine fro some reason shuts downs applications that try to access certain directories.

When I first started using the OpenMV IDE you guys helps me change a config file to setup the default directory it saves my programs in, I now want to generate some april tags but when the IDE tries to save it windows shuts down the IDE because it is trying to access directories. How can I set the default directory the April tags will be saved to??

Um, you specify that directory on tag generation.

Are you saying the IDE gets killed when it tries to open an explorer window to get the save file directory?

Yes the Windows shut downs the IDE when it open files explorer to select the directory.

Most IDE’s will save the location of the previous time you saved. What file is this saved in so I can manually alter it to go to the directory I want then windows won’t shut down the IDE when it open file explorer.

There is a config settings you can edit in the IDE. However, it isn’t written to the config file until you successfully complete this process.

LastAprilTagPath in ///openmvide/*.ini file.

Should be set to the path string.

Where can I find the config file so that I can manually edit with notepad.

When trying to save a generated April file explorer tries to open the user directory and this is what causes windows to close the IDE

That’s the path where the setting is. See my message above.