Examples Greyed out in IDE

This is probably a dopey question, but how do I get the Examples to not be grayed out under the File tab in the IDE. It’s this way in the old IDE and now in the new 1.9.0 one also. ???


Not sure of this problem, I have it on my desktop win7 and a laptop win10 I installed them both as administrator… and I make sure they run as administrator.

But I’m still new at this, but I can say, both of my puters do not have this issue.

This would happen if the IDE was unable to copy files to the user home directory.

Mmm. Ah! I was wondering why the IDE looked to not be good on your PC. Yes, please make sure the IDE was actually able to copy files to your home directory under ~/ApplicationData/Roaming/OpenMV IDE. I remember you had some older windows machine. If the IDE is unable to setup it’s own applications directory this will mess up examples, html auto documentation, and firmware updates among other things.

You are right. The three directories had NOT been copied to the home directory. My main PC is Windows 7, but it has gotten a bit funky with permissions and such. I copied them in and now I see Examples. Thanks so much for the spot-on help.


Note that the IDE keeps a shadow copy of those 3 directories in your user app folder copied from it’s install folder. Each time you update the IDE or new examples code out it will try to update all those files. If you think it was unable to do so please manually copy the files. That said… It’s somewhat of a serious problem with your PC if an application can write to your user folder. You may wish to fix that. The reason I do this at all is because the programs folder is not writeable normally. So, I copy everything to the user folder which is.