Save Image over the network

Hi All,

looking for some examples, I can capture a snapshot and connect to the network.

I don’t have a reference libraries for saving the image on an open network drive i’ve created over wifi.

surely someones done this?

found it … scripts/examples/09-WiFi/

Not sure if this has happened to anyone else,

using the example the steam connection doesnt seem to work. Stopped at “client, addr = s.accept()”

Hi, that example script is very simple. If you can use RTSP we have a much better RTSP streamer script under the webservers demos. You can stream 1080p video using JPEG mode on the RT1062 for example.

Otherwise, you want to send an image using the urequests module and you should target an API endpoint.

I’m going to spend some time getting this PR ready to merge as folks keep asking about a better MJPEG browser streamer. If you grab the code from that PR and examples in it in the mean-time you’ll have something that’s very stable: lib: Add mjpeg server. by kwagyeman · Pull Request #1982 · openmv/openmv (