Running the IDE from source

I cloned the openmv/openmv-ide repository, together with the submodules, but I can’t figure out how to actually run it. Any hints?

Hi, did you read the guide here:

The IDE is literally a python script. So you just:

$> python usr/ &

As usual you are right. There is so much text in so many places, that it’s sometimes hard to find the specific thing you are looking for.
I see that the version of ide from the repository looks better and seems to be more stable. And it works with the recent versions of firmware – the old one didn’t.

Yes, we’re working on the SW/FW everyday now, last night I got JPEG to run really fast (~30ms @QVGA RGB565). However, the firmware images are Not always updated, so you’ll have to build them, or wait until they are.
Note: If you find any bugs and/or have feature requests please open issues on github if you like, we can keep track of issues better this way.