IDE compiles and runs okay under opensuse


I have managed to get the IDE (1.9.0) to compile and run using QtCreator 4.6.1. and QT 5.5.1 under opensuse Leap 42.2.
Obtained code using git clone --recursive
This includes being able to update the example ode and updating the firmware.
This is using an OpenMV M7 board.

Cool, great to hear. Is there any issue on Open SuSe using the binaries?

No issue with using the the firmware binaries. Updated my M7 just like that.
Tried compiling the firmware but suse uses completely different program names for cross compiling.
Did not pursue that any farther as binaries are available on git.

Keep up the good work

Sorry, I meant the IDE binaries. Compiling the IDE is a lot of work. I had to setup two VERY special Linux VMs to make the software work on all Linux machines (basically I had to use the oldest libc possible and somehow compile while dealing with it).