Problems compiling firmware using the version 4.0.1 of source code

I use Ubuntu to clone the latest version source code of OpenMV and compile it. Because of my network environment in China, cloning is not smooth. Anyway, I cloned the code and finished compiling it. That firmware doesn’t work well in my OpenMV4. Often not responding in the IDE. I don’t know if my source code is incomplete or if there is a problem with this version of the source code. The display version in the IDE is 4.0.1. Is it incomplete source code can be compile? Or is there any problem with the 4.0.1?

The firmware my friend compiled has the same problem.The OpenMV4 hardware I used to test can work well on 4.0.0,that IDE write in.

Did you specify the target? TARGET=OPENMV4P for the OpenMV Cam H7 plus and TARGET=OPENMV4 for the OpenMV Cam H7.

yeah,I chose the target before.I delete all code and try again just now.Same problem.Clone is not smoothly,but done.Compiling and download to hardware is done.The OpenMV flashing blue light,and IDE can connect it.But IDE run helloworld not responding.I used to compiled several old versions and they all work well.I don`t know why this time. May has BUG in code?

Can you checkout the tag fir v4.0.0? Maybe the bug is after that. Should be fine though.

It worked.Thanks! I put it back on May 13 version, and run helloworld.Seems work well.I`ll do more test to see.