Run IDE from source install (OSX)

How does one do that? I checked the “getting started” docs & tried searching this forum but could not find any details.

I took a look at the openmv-ide git repository and it looks like a forked QT Creator is used, why is this?

When trying to clone the openmv-ide master, I got “fatal: reference is not a tree” error on the qt-creator submodule…?

You’re looking at the new IDE right there. It’s not ready for people to clone just yet. I’ll prepare a version you can build by the end of the week.

Until then, the IDE that we current have is in the openmv repo under usr. That’s what all the docs are talking about.

As for the new IDE. It’s built on top of qt-creator which is GPL. We’re suing Qt Creator as a base because of its excellent text editor and cross platform installation environment. I spent 2 years learning how Qt Creator worked on a previous project and now I’m applying that knowledge for OpenMV.