RT1062 out of focus

Hi there, I am struggling to get a sharp focus out of my RT1062. Things are in focus at around 4 inches, but beyond 4" they are really soft and blurry. Doesnt look like I am able to upload the BMP grabs here. Is this a known issue?

No, this isn’t a known issue. You should be able to upload bmp files. Let me enable that.

Please try again.

Also, it’s expected that you focus the camera lens. The factory does some focusing for testing but you should turn the lens ring yourself to set the right focus that you need.

Good to know, the ring was tough to turn but with enough force I was able to get it to loosen. I’ll play with the focus, thats probably what I need to do. (FYI, attempts to upload the BMP didnt work as they are more than 8mb)