Help - Need Advice to Focus a 180 Degree Lens

I needed a wider angle lens for my project other than the “wide angle” 120 degree lens, so I picked up this lens from Amazon (

It came with a same M12 twist lock thread ring to keep the focus, but the ring is actually too wide, which doesn’t allow it to focus. It CAN focus, but the lens needs to be screwed in further than what the ring would allow.

Does anyone have any recommendations for focusing the lens while still keeping it screwed securely in place? It seems like the cams used to be sold with a screw lock, which actually makes more sense for situations like this.

The lens mounts have a hole on the back for a set screw. We used to sell the system using this.

Look for M1 self-tapping screws.

Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ll try this.