RT1062 not able to flash or update cam

The blue light is flashing and green light is on. But I get stuck at this phase. Do I need to go into boot mode by connecting the pins? Thank you for the help.

Hi, did you save a main.py to the camera? We just debugged a USB error that caused saving the script to brake a camera if the IDE wasn’t attached.

To fix this, first, attach 3.3V to the SBL pin, go through that to unbrick it.

Then using Tools->Install Latest Development firmware. After this you should be able to save a main.py to it without issues.

Sounds like you may have a power-only USB cable.

I am now using a confirmed data cable and soldered the headers onto the board. It was detected in DFU mode but I got this error notification.

Mmm, okay, I don’t think the camera is damaged. You might need administrative privileges to update the firmware though via the SBL tools on Mac. On windows and Linux this is not required. If you run the IDE in admin mode it should be able to launch the SBL firmware flasher to update things.

But, regard the software failing to connect when not in SBL mode, the only thing I can think of it’s that you don’t have dialout permissions.

The cameras are tested before being shipped and are known to be working. The blue LED blinking also means the firmware is running. The USB issue I mentioned will not affect the camera until after you save a script to it. However, we’ve just released a new firmware which should address that.

Seems you need to enable input monitoring to flash on Mac. Related to this issue on NXP forum

I suggest disabling input monitoring after flashing.

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