RPC PROBLEM with OPENMV H7 R2, Sensor MT9M114

Hi, I was trying to test the example code “image_transfer_jpg_as_the_remote_device_for_your_computer” following the example video that is on YT. I saw that in the video you run it with console, I run it directly with visual studio code. When I hit the run button I get this error: import image, network, omv, rpc, sensor, struct
ImportError: No module named ‘image’.
I don’t know how to run it correctly, since normally I do it with IDE but when using usb vcp I can’t do it.

Make sure that you aren’t connected with openmv ide to run the example.
Make sure that the camera can run the script after rebooting.

I think the problem is that I have not installed or executed any setup file, I have looked for it in the github but I have not found it. Do you know where to look for it?

Hi, the example in the IDE only runs on the camera. The library that runs on desktop is here: openmv/tools/rpc at master · openmv/openmv · GitHub

Thank you very much for your help.
I have one more question, I really want to make rpc with the raw images and not compressed. So what I am interested in are the codes “image_transfer_raw_as_the_controller_device” and “image_transfer_raw_as_the_remote_device”.
The first question is because in this case the controller is integrated in the ide itself, I have tried to run it on the desktop, but in this case I don’t have the image library installed.
Do these codes have any problem with usb vcp which is the one I want to use?
In order to use these codes I have to run the controller on the desktop and the remote in the IDE? If so, how can I import the image library to be able to run the controller on the desktop?

You must save the remote device on camera and disconnect from ide.
The controller will run on the pc.
For this you must have a python installed on the pc.

I already have python installed, the problem is that “image_transfer_raw_as_the_remote_device.py”.
It imports image, network, omv, rpc, sensor, struct, time. I don’t have installed image,network, omv, sensor and time.
My question is it enough with pip install image, pip install network, pip install omv, pip install sensor and pip install time. Or really the libraries are others.

Dear friend the pc is the controller.