OpenMv H7 image transfer raw as the controller

I’m trying to transfer image data via rpc library. I’ve tried to use “” file then uncommented

interface = rpc.rpc_uart_master(baudrate=115200)

and wired to P4 and P5 pins to the microcontroller(STM32 Disco Kit) for UART communication.

But there is no any meaningful data. “{<\0><\0><\0><\0>_<9><9><18>{<\0><\0>”
Then I’ve tried “”, the result was the same. When I commented all the functions out then just have send “Hello World!\n”, the transfer was successful.

What is wrong with the image transfer raw functions or file?
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You have to run a the RPC library also on the device that’s talking to the camera. See the Arduino RPC library.