Image_transfer_raw example


I have an openMV H7 R2, and i want to implement the image_transfer_raw example.I use the code in the as the main code in the open MV (remote/slave device), but when i try to run the image_transfer_raw_as_the_controller_device on my PC i get the following error:

import image, network, omv, rpc, sensor, struct, time
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘omv’

I tested the examples to transfer jpg and those worked fine. But here with the raw example i’m getting errors with the library. So my questions are:

Where can i find the omv library to install?
Is there a python version required to run this example (I’m using python v3.9.13)
Is it possible to send raw image data using usb_vpc instead of spi (in this example i see there options to use CAN, I2C, SPI and UART, but no usb_vpc as opposed on the jpg examples?

i would appreciate your help!

That example is just for OpenMV Cam to OpenMV Cam transfer. Please use JPEGs to the PC.