Remote debuging over WIFI

I’m working on the car robot, is there a way to connect robot to the IDE over Wifi (using the Wifi Shield) ?

  • Download and run new code remotely (download it for IDE)
  • Receive the output from the serial port
  • if possible view the video feed from the camera

Hi, this originally was a planned to be implemented but WiFi speed was so bad at 230kb/s that we didn’t do it. However, in the latest firmware release I figured out why that was the case and wifi speed is now 15Mb/s (previous firmware waited on a ACK per TCP packet which is about a 30 ms round-trip time per 1400 bytes). The IDE already has all the hooks in it to make this work, so, I just need to update the OpenMV Cam firmware to get this feature operational again.

So, it’s coming soon. In the mean-time. The interface library we just released (blog post coming soon) can stream wifi video.

The interface library firmware update will be ready by the weekend and will be installed into OpenMV IDE.


Do you also plan to release remote serial & code download/execution ?

We will wait patiently


Yes, wifi debugging is the whole USB connected experience but over wifi (minus drive access).

I have other priorities to work on before re-enabling this feature.

Should you be able to connect and run a script from the IDE connecting over WiFi?

As mentioned previously we will get this feature working on a future release. All the infrastructure in the IDE was built last year but the performance was not good enough. It now is.

OK, I just wasn’t sure if “debugging” included all IDE over wifi functionality. I spent a few hours trying to figure out why this wasn’t working for me since I didn’t find anything in Github. I opened this issue so we can follow along for when it is completed.



I am interested in this feature as well.
I would like to download and run new code remotely over WiFi.
Is this a supported feature at the moment?
Otherwise, I plan to use an RPi to update the OpenMV H7 Cam via USB.

It’s on the todo. Just focused on other things right now.

Ok, thanks for the update.

@baeverell Which cam do you have ? I can send you a firmware for testing if you’re interested.

great! I have an H7 Plus, and also an H7. The H7 Plus is preferred.

Attached, please give it a try and let us know if there’s any issue. (1.1 MB)

Thanks @iabdalkader! Would this firmware allow me to update code via CLI (as suggested here? I am just asking, not suggesting for an additional feature.) If so, I can confidently move away from using a second device, which feels like overkill, and order the WiFi Shield. Thank You.

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The next IDE will let you use our debug protocol over WiFi. It’s not going to be command line just yet… however, you could make it work over the command line pretty easily.

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No it will let you use the IDE over WiFi instead of USB. BTW we found a few bugs in both that firmware above and the IDE, we’re working on it, when it’s done it’s going to be very stable.