Connecting IDE via Wifi?

Is there any way to connect to OpenMV with the IDE vie the Wifi board? It only seems to want to connect via Serial, not an IP address.

No, the IDE doesn’t do this right now. It’s actually quite easy to implement from the IDE side but you’d have to code up our communications protocol in python for use over sockets to get this operational. Maybe in the future we’ll do something like this but I don’t have that on my roadmap right now.

Thanks for the reply! Fingers crossed that this makes the roadmap someday; I’m using OpenMV for an autonomous car and blimp, and both of them travel a bit further than my USB cable can stretch :wink:

I can of course stream video and serial data over IP, but it’s hard to debug properly without the IDE

I do plan to make a serial terminal in the future in the IDE that can connect via UDP/TCP. But, it’s not going to grab the frame buffer or anything. It will just be a standard terminal. That said, it shouldn’t be too much work to embed some code in the terminal to parse out images sent over serial in binary form. I think I can do this.

I don’t know when I’ll start working on this feature. Working on April Tags support right now to boost sales.

Hi, you saw that I added this feature to OpenMV IDE now? :astonished: It’s coming soon.

Awesome! So in this case, Wifi = UDP? I presume that it doesn’t matter if the Wifi is in AP mode or not…

Yes, but, I really don’t know how solid the connection will using WiFi. On the IDE side it just listens to the local port you specify and sends data to a remote port and IP address. A bluetooth serial port will work really good though.

Hi kwagyeman

Me again. Was wondering what the status was on getting UDP implemented. I am interested in sending the data over wifi with udp. I have used udp before for sending data and it works great. Bluetooth SPP works well too but you don’t have a shield for that :slight_smile:.


Ibrahim will have to tackle this. Please make this a bug on the OpenMV github.


I’ll look into this ASAP, if there’s a bug it will probably be fixed in the next release (a week or so from now). The next release will include new line detection code, some bug fixes and huge performance improvements.

And new bugs…

Hi, so I found one bug in recvfrom, it should work now. I’m attaching a debugging FW image and the client and server scripts used for testing. Please let me know if you find any other issues. (228 Bytes) (889 Bytes) (815 KB)