OpenMV IDE with ESP8266


I have ESP8266 WiFi module and trying to connect with OpenMV IDE over WiFi using H7 R2 and ESP8266. I am aware of the previous discussion on this topic but could not find a solid conclusion so this post. I tried uart.write(img.compressed_for_ide()) to redirect the video stream over the UART and connected FTDI with the UART. With this, I am able to connect with the IDE through FTDI serial COM port.

The next step for me is to establish the same workflow using ESP8266 over WiFi. Can you please share some references that I can use? Especially, I am struggling with writing a server on ESP8266 that receives the UART data and relays over WiFi as I am not aware about the requests being sent from the IDE when trying to connect using UDP / TCP port.

Thank you

Hi, that would be a question for ESP8266 folks? I don’t know.

Previously you have suggested to use the RPC library to relay the image data to ESP8266. Is that still the recommended option?

Also, is there a documentation on requests sent by OpenMV IDE when we try to connect over UDP?

Thank you

Hi, our RPC library is an Arduino Library. So, if you compile it as an Arduino Library into the ESP8266 you can use it to move data. Sending the data off the ESP8266 over the web is something i cannot help with.

As for the IDE and how it talks via the UDP. It’s not documented, however, you can look at the IDE code or the OpenMV Cam code.

The TCP protocol is just the current USB debug protocol but over a TCP socket versus USB. We use a UDP broadcast message to show the camera on the network to the IDE and then the IDE connects to a server on the camera to grab data.

Thank you for your comprehensive response. I wil try to use the RPC library to fetch the JPEG compressed video stream to ESP8266 via SPI. And further stream this video feed via WiFi on a web browser.