ESP8266 as Wifi modem

for a student project, we have an OpenMV H7 but no Wifi Shield to send some pictures by mail.
But with have an ESP8266 ESP-01 is able to serve as a modem.
How could we configure our OpenMV H7 to use it, using UART probably ? we don’t need realtime, just some pictures.
Our preference is the mail, but a webhook could be also use… something with text/notification and a picture attached.


Use our RPC library to transfer data from the OpenMV Cam to the ESP82266. You can then write code for the 8266 to do whatever you need.

Thanks, I thought about that using UART I assume (class UART – duplex serial communication bus — MicroPython 1.13 documentation), but as th ESP-01 is a Wifi module with Serial interface, I was hoping to be able to directly call an http request (for webhook) or an SMTP request (for mail) from the OpenMV in python…

That would require the OpenMV Cam to have wifi which you said it does not as it doesn’t have a wifi shield.

ok @kwagyeman, thanks for your feedback

What about using an SPI connection between your ESP8266 and the OpenMV board? You could use the SPI connection to send the image from the framebuffer to the ESP8266? Probably some work involved, if you’re into learning how to do it…Adafruit has a whole library called ESPSPI that might be of some value.