Send images to a webserver with OpenMV M7 + NodeMCU

This is literally my first forum post of any kind so let me know if I need to elaborate on anything.
As the title suggests I’m trying to send a snapshot image from the OpenMV cam to a webserver. This is to happen without the OpenMV Wifi Board (because they’re not in stock right now) and I own a NodeMCU. Frankly, I’m new to both devices and very weak at coding so I’m looking for some guidance.

Doing a little researching, I think I will do the following:

  1. SPI protocol between M7 cam and NodeMCU
  2. NodeMCU as master(?). This was decided solely on the fact that there exists example code for Arduino(M)-M7 cam(S) SPI comms. Though, from what I’ve seen, it’s more difficult this waY…?
  3. No AT command firmware, Arduino API for NodeMCU

Is this a good approach? So far I have been trying to simply send a message (“Hello World”) through SPI, with no luck. So I’m starting to doubt this method.

Thank you,

Just send the image over UART. Just set the baud rate really high. The UART on the camera can go into the 1 Mb/s above range.

Here’s how simple it is to send an image:


That’s just the sending part, you have to init the uart object and setup the camera. But, it’s easy in general.

have you finished it?