Wifi controlled video robot

Hi, I am a newbie to OpenMV and Wifi programming. I had been searching for video board that not only can transmit video but transmit a small amount of command code to the controller board so that I can make, say, a controlled car with video feedback.

I bought the OpenMV and wifi-fi module and wrote simple html in Chrome browser and successfully saw the video using the sample codes provided by your web site.

However, I am not so familiar to the instructions, how can I send codes, e.g. using UDP through the wifi network to the OpenMV board ( M7), and what codes can I use to monitor the reception of command codes? do you have sample example ?

many thanks!

Hi, we just kinda have sockets TCP/UDP, but nothing else right now. WiFi isn’t our main focus. If you’d like better WiFi support I recommend just using an ESP8266/ESP32/Particle with the camera. There are a lot more folks on that side working on the connectivity pieces. You can then just send serial commands to the camera and have it do things.