Open MV CLI and OTA programming

Hi OpenMV forums!

Are there any way to upload code on the cam using a Command Line Interface?
Are there any way to use the WIFI module to get programing Over The Air on the board?

Thanks in advace for your reply!

Hi, we almost have WiFi programming working however it’s not robust enough for general use.

Anyway, if you want to upload code over the command line see the micropython repl control scripts. You can find these in the micropython github repo under tools. To enable the OpenMV Cam to be programmed over UART there’s a configuration GUI in the IDE that you can use to set enable UART repl on startup which will do what you need.

It is possible to get a link to the micropython repl control scripts?



Any progress on OTA programming using the WiFi shield?

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Um, so, it code work was completed but it doesn’t work 100% reliably. Right now, my push is to get new driver support for the OV5640 out, the OV2640, and we have a DRAM version of the H7 coming soon. This will allow you to take high res 5MP still images and do AprilTags at Max res.

We also are starting on a Linux camera which will have wifi programming support via the IDE.

The low end Wifi adapters are quite hard to use for high data rate apps because they can’t buffer an infinite amount of SPI data without the processor needing to do anything. Meaning that a lot of CPU time as to be spent polling the device which heavily impacts the processor.

Use the WiFi device as a UART for the OpenTerminal feature would probably be easy to get working however. But, we’d need some community help.