OpenMV pins current

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im staring with OpenMV, Im looking to implement 4x LASER on board with 4.8V and 120mW.
I couldnt found information about pins, can i connect the LASERs directly on board or need some extra power/battery to implement?
I pretend to start the LASERs with GPIO and take a shot of the points with camera module.

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I don’t think you can power the laser didoes with the gpios. You should use the OpenMV Cam to switch the I/O pins.

Hi we have a datasheet with this info, you can draw about 20mA from each I/O pin and 140mA in total (meaning the sum of all the current drawn from I/Os not a single I/O), also please see the STM32H7 datasheet.

Thanks you for help.
Can i use some circuit like in figure to on off LASER with GPIO pin and source voltage from 5 V pin of OpenMV?
I pretend to use only usb source to power all components, its possible?
Im using OpenMV cam H7 with camera module.
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Yes, you want to do what you said… but, the OpenMV Cam can’t be the voltage source. You need to get 5V from something else. The camera doesn’t have a VOUT, only a VIN. The 3.3V can be used for power but shouldn’t be loaded down by a high load.

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