Powering OpenMV H7 Plus with 4xAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Hi guys,

I wonder how feasible the following source of power is. I consider using four of these batteries in series. These batteries can have voltage between 1.1V and 1.4V depending on the charge state, which translates to 4.4V and 5.6V when four batteries are connected in series, respectively.

I need this power supply, for driving one servo motor MG996R and one Neopixel 24 LED ring (for about 30s to 60s at a time, usually only once a day).

Both of these peripherals run on 5V and draw some current when on. I want to avoid step up or step down voltage regulators if possible.

Is this voltage range safe for this OpenMV cam? Is it going to work?

The max input voltage is 5V.

Thanks for the reply.

Has anyone tried powering it with slightly more than 5V? Is the extra 0.6V going to damage the board?

I know I can use 6 such batteries in series with a 5V LDO voltage regulator to solve this problem. However, it would be cool to be able to reduce the number of components needed.

I looked deeper into the schematic diagram of the board. Unless I’m mistaken, pin VIN is connected to PAM2305 DC-DC converter whose input range is 2.5V to 5.5V.

That’s good news, but I’m still short of 0.1V, though :thinking:.

Apologies if I’m spamming :slight_smile:.

Unless I’m mistaken again, the schematic diagram suggests it should be safe to supply the board with up to 5.7V. In my previous post, I missed the Schottky diode BAT60BE6327 between VIN and PAM2305. Its minimum forward voltage is 0.2V. In theory, the maximum voltage at VIN can be as high as 5.7V (5.5V + 0.2V).

That’s right the regulator input max is 5.5v and good point about the diode, but to be on the safe side we officially documented it as 5v. It should be safe to power from 5.6v it seems.