Powering OpenMV without using the USB port


Is it possible to power the board without the USB port? If yes, which pin and what is the required voltage (min, max)?


Use the VIN pin (the second pin on the right header, right next to the USB connector, see the pinout image in the IDE) max voltage is 5.5v min voltage would be at least 3.4-3.7v to get 3.3v. A 3.7v LiPo works fine.



I’m hoping to power the OpenMV Cam with a 1S LiPo battery using the built-in white connector and have it charged when the micro USB is connected. Is there is charging circuit onboard? Also, is this the correct connector?


No there’s no charger on board, and I’m not sure about the connector you linked, but it should have a 2mm spacing.

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