OpenMV Cam M7 and servos

Hello, I am a recent user of OpenMV cameras and I would like to control two servo motors of a turret.
My servo motors are on pins P7 and P8.
They are powered at 5V by an external power supply with common GND.
I use voltage translators 3.3V-5V between the OpenMV and the servo motors for each control signal.

When I use the pyb.Servo library, I can’t drive them at all, worse I don’t have any PWM signal at the output of pins P7 and P8.
On the other hand, when I keep the same wiring but I use the Timer library in PWM mode, I manage to make my two servomotors work perfectly!

Do you have any idea about the origin of this problem?

Thanks in advance,


It might be that the our code library is bugged. Can you post your code? Micropython breaks things when we update.

Thank you for your answer.
In fact, the examples I tested are those provided in the online help and in the IDE (see attached screenshots).

I hope you will find what’s wrong :wink:


And the second one

Hi, can someone please help me ?


Which camera version? I have time to check right now. H7 or H7 Plus?

Hi, not H7 or H7 plus, just M7.


Works with the latest firmware on my M7. Please update the IDE and your firmware.

It seems to me that everything is up to date. I don’t have the material at hand at the moment.
I’ll test again in a few days and let you know…
Thanks again.