Servo Issues with OpenMV H7


I’m trying to get a servo to respond using the OpenMV H7. I’ve used the demo code with to no avail and a search of the forums has shown users with the same issues, but none of the resolutions seem to help.

I’m using a very basic micro servo (FITEC) and have tried P7 and P8 on the H7. The servo is being powered by 5V coming from a Raspberry Pi Pico. I have tested the servo (and tried several different servos as well) and am able to get a response if I connect it solely to the Pico and write some simple python code to control it, so I don’t think the servo is the issue. The code is the basic demo code from the IDE. The H7 is working as I am able to get image recognition. The firmware is the latest according to the IDE.

Is there anything I am missing? Any help is greatly apprecaiated.

The code is below. It’s the demo code but I have commented out s3 as the H7 does not support that.

This work is licensed under the MIT license.

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Servo Control Example

This example shows how to use your OpenMV Cam to control servos.

import time
from pyb import Servo

s1 = Servo(1) # P7
s2 = Servo(2) # P8
#s3 = Servo(3) # P9

while True:
for i in range(1000):
s1.pulse_width(1000 + i)
s2.pulse_width(1999 - i)

s3.pulse_width(1000 + i)

for i in range(1000):
    s1.pulse_width(1999 - i)
    s2.pulse_width(1000 + i)

s3.pulse_width(1999 - i)



Hi, the grounds of both devices shared?

If you are powering it from a raspberry pi then it has power and ground to the pi. So, you need ground and signal to the servo.

It should definitely respond with the example script if this the case.

Thank you. I hadn’t grounded the H7. It was the one thing I overlooked.