OpenMV IDE does not run in Windows 10

OpenMV IDE latest version 4.01 does not run in Windows 10. I got this message.
Please help.
Thak you!

Hi, I just found this about this error: The procedure entry point SystemParametersInfoForDpi could not be located in the dynamic link library Qt6Gui.dll · Issue #842 · PrismLauncher/PrismLauncher · GitHub

So… I don’t have a fix. Part of us upgrading Qt was forcing breaking changes on users. You need to upgrade or use the older IDE found under releases on our github.

To note, because of the OpenSSL hack that happened a while back the old IDE can’t make sure communications (Https) requests. We had to do the upgrade to the latest version of Qt as Qt5 can’t be used pretty much anymore.

Hi kwagyeman,
it’s clear, version 3.0.3 is ok for me.
Thank you!