OpenMV-H7 - Wifi-Shield Not connecting to network


I’ve been experimenting with the ATWINC1500 wifi shield that should be compatible with the OpenMV camera,
The following works succesfull :

The example returns the Accespoints that are arround.

However when it try to connect , it never returns an valid IP address and it is not showing up as connected device in the router.
Before getting aswers like, are the connection corrent, and the SSID / KEY i’ve tried the following.

  • Connect to SSID1 with KEY WEP
  • Connect to SSID2 with Key PSK
  • Connect to SSID3 with No seccurity

I’ve created different SSID’s using a mobile hotspot, but also to different routers.

I’ve updated the firmware on the WINC1500 to winc_19_5_2.bin this broke down my chip and i recieved failed to init, so i reverted to
winc_19_4_4.bin . which didnt change anything to the results i’ve recieved

my code :

# Connect Example
# This example shows how to connect your OpenMV Cam with a WiFi shield to the net.

import sensor, time, image,pyb, sys
import network, usocket

SSID='SSID1' # Network SSID
KEY='Mypass'  # Network key

wlan = network.WINC()

scan_result = wlan.scan()
for ap in scan_result:
    print("Channel:%d RSSI:%d Auth:%d BSSID:%s SSID:%s"%(ap))

# Init wlan module and connect to network
print("Trying to connect... (may take a while)...")

while(wlan.isconnected() == False):
    print("not yet connected" )

    # We should have a valid IP now via DHCP

My Results:

Running in Station mode…
Channel:7 RSSI:-25 Auth:2 BSSID:84:39:BE:3B:BD:53 SSID:SSIDA
Channel:9 RSSI:-67 Auth:2 BSSID:20:E8:82:EF:2F:BD SSID:SSIDB
Channel:9 RSSI:-74 Auth:2 BSSID:B0:B9:8A:4D:EE:B8 SSID:SSIDC

Trying to connect… (may take a while)…
[0, 0, ‘’, ‘f8:f0:05:a1:bd:9c’, ‘’]
not yet connected
[0, 0, ‘’, ‘f8:f0:05:a1:bd:9c’, ‘’]
not yet connected
[0, 0, ‘’, ‘f8:f0:05:a1:bd:9c’, ‘’]

This goes on at least 40 minutes.

Are there any ideas ?

NOTE : the WINC1500 has the following chip on it
ATWINC1500-MR210PB so this should be the 19.5_2 bin file , but this doesn’t do anything except telling me its not initializing
I used a new module at it was delivered with 19.5.2 , same results

MicroPython v1.9.4-4553-gb4eccdfe3 on 2019-05-02; OPENMV4 with STM32H743

Are those our WiFi shields that we sell on the store ? All the shields we sell should ship with 19.5.2

Can you post the info you see when you run this:

wlan = network.WINC()
print("\nFirmware version:", wlan.fw_version())

Note the 19.4.4 firmware should work for the ATWINC1500-MR210PA and B, and the 19.5.2 firmware is for the WINC MR210PB only. You should be on the 19.5.2.

Thanks for the Feedback, Yes they are the schields you sell.

I got it working eventually, i changed the accesspoint.