Disconnecting when trying to use WiFI shield

When trying to run some of the example WiFi-Shield examples, I’m seeing the following:
The board will connect, and print in the serial terminal:

Trying to connect… (may take a while)…

It will then disconnect, and not print ifconfig().

Occasionally it also prints:

Trying to connect… (may take a while)…
Running in Station Mode

Any ideas on how to get board’s IP?

Hi, um, are you running the latest firmware on the OpenMV Cam and what’s the device part number on the wifi? In particular, if the firmware is old this can be an issue.

That said, I’d check the pins on the wifi shield are okay. Usually, a problem happens because the soldering job to connect the wifi shield to the OpenMV Cam has an issue. Can you verify you see SPI traffic?

Firmware version is 3.0.0. Shield part number is ATWINC1500-MR210PB. How do I verify SPI traffic?

I’m also seeing the behavior where the camera does not disconnect, but it gets stuck at “Trying to connect (may take a while)…”.

Actually getting stuck at this line:

wlan = network.WINC()

not the actual wlan.connect line

Please run the following script, send the output (if it doesn’t hang).

import network
wlan = network.WINC()

Also, please make sure all the pins are actually connected (sometimes pins bend and slide to the sides of the connector).

Looks like it was a pin connection issue. It worked with a different OpenMV cam and wifi shield I had, connected differently. Thanks for the help.