Newly bought Wifi Shield hanged

I recently bought a Wifi Shield and tried all the sample Wifi codes from the IDE but all of them hanged. Ran other sample codes that never use Wifi Shield with the Wifi Shield attached, no issue. Anyone has experienced with the Wifi Shield?

Ibrahim any debug suggestions on this?

I had a similar issue where the wifi shield would hang at trying to connect to the network. If this is the issue you are having try changing the port from 8080 to 80. You didn’t really make it clear where it was hanging. Were you getting any messages printed - did the scan network sketch work? If nothing worked at all is the shield plugged in the right way? The only other time mine didn’t work at all was when I shorted something and had to order another one.


When you run you should see the WiFi firmware version printed:

Firmware version: (19, 4, 4, 19, 3, 0, 1377184)

If you don’t see that and the cam gets stuck/hangs, it means the shield HW is bad.

The poster emailed us about this. They found that the spi pins were shorted. MacroFab manually solders these shields… So, sometimes they short the ground plane to the pins. The next batch will not have headers soldered on.


I am having same issue. This is the output from my wifi shield:


Can you post a high res picture? I’ll take a look and send you a replacement if I see the shorting issue.

I assume of the board? Attached.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi, do you see any shorts on the module pins to other pads? I can’t tell from the image. We’ve seen issues with the module not soldering correctly.

I don’t think so…but I am no expert and its very hard to tell. Can you forward a new module?

Yes, email us with you info. Please also attach your telephone number if you are not in the US.

Hi, just wanted to add info from my experience with the WiFi shield.

I ordered one and have seen and verified (with meter) that some pins of the ATWINC1500 module are shorted. It is caused by the ATWINC1500 module not being perfectly aligned to the wifi shield pads. So some of the ATWINC1500 module pins would touch multiple pads on the wifi shield.

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Please contact us for a replacement if this is the case.