OpenMV download page still points to 4.0.1 versions, not 4.0.7

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Yes, the new versions don’t have any features you need yet. I will update the download on the website when there’s a useful change for all users.

What I did need was a version that didn’t get into a reinstall loop and let me unbrick my H7 Plus. That was 4.0.7. :wink:

Interesting. The part that programs the H7 in the IDE is exactly the same between the two versions.

Maybe so, but 4.0.1 kept trying to update itself to 4.0.1 again every time I opened it. Perhaps the 4.0.1 install never fully succeeded, thus something related to updating the H7 plus wasn’t fully installed?

In any case, I’m in a functioning state right now with 4.0.7, or at least as much of it that got installed. :wink:

When I have some time I’ll try a clean install on another laptop, but can’t get on that for a few days.

Eh, if you’re good that’s all that matters. Now that it only takes 20 minutes to rebuild the IDE you’re going to see updates for it a lot more frequently than every 6 months.