H7 plus Firmware warning / out of date / SOLVED

Hlo, all.
H7 Plus just worsk fine. Did the first steps. Used the examples… Nice.
I did the OpenMv Ide update vers 2.6.9
When connecting the board in the script i get the message : your OpenMv Cam’s firmware is out of date. Do you want to upgrade ?.
Click OK, nothing happens.
On OpenMv or Github pages i dont find a firmware.
Can u direct me to correct firmware or explain how to update H7 Plus.
Best regards, Peter

OK I FOUND IT… NICE PLACE TO implement the update in the IDE. :confused:
IN the right down corner border of the IDE. There u get information about your Board, Sensor, Firmware version and so on.
With this message : Firmware Version: Out of date. Click here to update => Click the YES option… u will get a message… everything works automaticcaly. Update is donne :wink:
Still like to know where to find the firmwares. Is it possible to obtain the OpenMv Logo in bmp format ? I printed a casing, want to use the logo as airvent.


See the OpenMV repo and the openmv-media repo.

I see you found a bug in the IDE dialog… I changed that per a user request… sigh, okay, gotta fix that in a new IDE release.

Ok, thanks for your reply.
I found a bug ? :astonished:

all thumbs up. ty for your reply.