Nicla Vision IMU

Hi all! Hope you can help! I have not found a way to utilize either the IMU or the proximity sensor on the Nicla Vision device using the OpenMV IDE?!
Both Arduino and OpenMW claims it is supported. But how do I then import e.g. LSM6DSOX the right way?

If I take a look at some of the Portenta H7 examples (which should be in the same corner), this is not working for me.

I have been unable to check consistency in the import file since the documentation is (still) minimal for Nicla Vision and seems to split in either OpenMV or Arduino (take it or leave it) stuff.



It needs to be supported still. This is on our bug list to do. It shouldn’t take too long.

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I thought I replied to your email ? Anyway,

  • We need to add examples for Nicla Vision, but we have Not been asked to do so by Arduino. Note we don’t add/fix anything specific to Arduino boards unless we’re specifically asked to do so by Arduino.

  • For the distance sensors (VL53LX) I can confirm it’s supported and enabled, use this example: OpenMV/Distance Shield/

  • As for the IMU, it is also supported and enabled via the C driver and it’s used internally to auto-rotate the framebuffer. For example try adding this to


The Python module is Not enabled because Arduino decided to connect the sensor on this board via SPI (vs I2C), so our Python module/driver is Not compatible.


I did get the mail - thanks! But in the name of knowledge sharing I found it appropriate to ask the question in the right channel (now that I know it exists), so others could find this information. I could not have been the only one wondering a bit :slight_smile:

That is nice feature, but I need a way to figure out the exact tilt an yaw compared to and object of interest within a certain distance in order interpret it correctly. It is fine that the image fliped/rotated depending on orientation, but then it must be done in a way so it is always in level - not just per 90 degrees. From the documentations it seems to just and on/off true/false set to enable this.

This also makes perfectly sense due to computation. But I need to compensate my estimation depending of the angular offset

The time of flight sensor is working well! Thanks!