Nicla Vision - Not Connecting to OpenMV IDE

Hi everyone,

I used the Nicla Vision on the Arduino IDE first and worked perfectly. Now that I want to use it on the OpenMV IDE it doesn’t connect. I haven’t used the Nicla Vision on the OpenMV IDE before.

What I’m doing is this:

  • Double clicking on the reset button, Nicla Vision starts blinking in a green tone.
  • Clicking on the connect image in the OpenMV IDE
  • Trying to connect and the loading lasts for more than 5s
  • Hit cancel
  • Message appears “Error: A peripheral attached to the system doesn’t work correctly!”

Running on Windows 11, OpenMV 2.9.0

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Hi Ced,

I just tried connecting my Nicla Vision board to my windows 10 PC using OpenMV IDE 2.9.0.
When I click the connect button, this error is displayed

“No DFU settings for the selected board type!”

I am able to connect using Arduino IDE 2.0.0-rc5.

Where you able to connect your Nicla Vision board and upload the firmware upgrade?

Thank you,

Hi tfitzgerald,

I wasn’t even able to connect the Nicla Vision to the OpenMV IDE, but I was able to connect it to the Arduino IDE and install Arduino mbed Core and other libraries.

Right now, I can’t connect at all the Nicla Vision to the OpenMV IDE. There’s only the USB logo that appears and the when I click on it, it loads indefinitly.

So I can’t connect nor upload the firmware.

Best Regards,


Hi Ced.

I am a software and hardware designer. Vintage. I started with z80 assembler coding.

I am planning to use the Nicla Vision to track plant growth/health in an automated greenhouse setting.

Good luck with your project.
Hope we can get our Nicla Vision boards to work.


Hi, you need to install Arduinos IDE and then install the nicla mbed board package.

If you check your device manager what’s likely missing is the driver for DFU mode. I have to add to is to be installed by OpenMV IDE. We only install the Portenta driver right now.

Hi kwagyeman,

Thank you for your reply.

By chance I loaded the nicla mbed board package and now i can connect.

I am able to run the examples.

Many thanks,

If we are using the same driver as the Portenta vision shield, any chance we could use the himax sensor from that board with the Nicla Vision board? Are they the same mipi csi2 connectors?

I don’t think the pinout is compatible. It’s 8-bit parallel also.