Nicla Vision Board Read out proximity sensor data on board and send it through usb to PC

i am new to the Nicla Vision and python. So now i am trying to read out the Proximity sensor on board. I am not sure, if i am using the OpenMV example, does this example run on the board or is this the pc side which reads out the data? I used the example VL53L1X ToF from the Nicla vision sensor example folder.
kind regards Chris

The example runs on the board and prints data to the serial terminal in OpenMV IDE (or, if you have loaded your script onto the camera then it will print data to any program that opens the OpenMV Cam serial port)

Thank you for the quick responding. Ive tried some rpc communication but for the beginning a simple com port read would do the job.I ve tried to implement it, but it didnt work out so far. Could you please give me an example how to read out the serial port from the pc port?

What did you try so far.
There are many ways to read serial with a pc.
Do you have a ready app or you want to build one yourself?
You must choose…
To test that your camera sends data i use putty.