Nicla ToF proximity example doesn't work

Hi. I know this is an Arduino thing and not specific to machine vision but whoever makes the tutorials isn’t really making things easy. The library they say to install isn’t available.

“the VL53L1X library can be found in the Library manager,”

There are other ones but the import of the header doesn’t work.

#include “VL53L1X.h””

The object can’t be created, etc. So the example is broken

You should report that issue to Arduino on the Arduino forums, we really can’t help you with this.

It does work, you have to use the “VL53L1X by pololu” library, you are probably using the Adafruit library.

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I figured that out. The instructions were unclear. I fixed it and performed a pull request to update the instructions to be clearer. Apologies for not providing the solution here

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Happy to help.

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