Arduino Nicla Vision ToF VL53L1X SENSOR freezes and does not read distance

Hi OpenMV Support:
I was able to confirm that using the ARDUINO IDE programmed in C language the ARDUINO NICLA VISION ToF VL53L1X SENSOR does not freeze the distance reading suddenly. Works perfectly smoothly
Now, if I do the program with the OpenMV IDE in micropython it suddenly fails and stops reading the distance.
Can it be a problem of libraries?
Can you help me with this problem?
I leave below the code used

import time
from pyb import LED
from vl53l1x import VL53L1X
from machine import Pin, I2C
led = Pin("LED_GREEN", Pin.OUT)
tof = VL53L1X(I2C(2))
while True:
    distance =
    print(f"Distance: {distance}mm")
    if distance >= 1100:
        led.on() # Enciende el LED interno
    else: # Apaga el LED interno

Best Regards.

Hi, what does the failure look like? Numbers stop printing? You get an exception? Or the distance is returned as 0?

No, the distance in mm remains at the last static read value without updating.

Can’t reproduce this issue with the latest firmware, please make sure to update the firmware.

Ok I will try with this firmware.

Thank you.
Best Regards!