Nicla Vision's IMU not working


(Yes, me gain… it seems that everything just don’t want to work with the Nicla vision)

I’am working on a project with an MCP2515 which work only with the 4.3.3 firmware and developpment release. It’s about an SPI issue that seems solved after this release.

But I also need the IMU and it give me constant dumb values (3872.77, 505.812, 5972.88) for the acceleration. No matter how I shake the board.
It seems to work only with the 4.3.1 NICLAV firmware release but I need to use the MCP2515 on a newer release.

This is the non working code :

import time, imu


Thank you if anyone can share a solution.

I saw your issue on github, will get around to testing and fixing it soon.

Ok, thank you.